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OSTERFELD 1921 "The Legend of Castle Vondern" complete w/orig. envelope! Notgeld

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A beautiful series, one of the highlights of the Notgeld world, offered here with the rare original envelope that tells the story depicted on the notes. I've translated the "Legend of Castle Vondern" as it appears in the envelope as follows:

Wessel von Lohe lived since the tragic death of his wife with his little four year-old daughter Jolant, closed off from the rest of the world. One day Johann von Galen requested admission on sworn fealty of arms. For this the drawbridge had to come down. By the cozy fireplace, Wessel allowed his old brother-in-arms a look into his tortured heart.

He explained how his wife Gostelyn, under the spell of a devilish magic, ran over the Daredevil's Bridge and after three days was pulled out the the Emscher as a corpse. Now he was afraid for his young daughter Jolant.

Johann von Galen, who probably knew that only brides are said to be immune to magic, suggested to his friend the engagement of young Jolant to his two sons. At fifteen years old she would then choose. Wessel was agreed. The engagement was concluded and blessed by the old pastor of Osterfeld.

The years passed. Jolant had to decide between the strong Johann and the reedy Dietrich; following the wishes of her father, she chose the stronger Johann. But quickly she yielded to the strong stirrings of her heart and threw herself into Dietrich’s arms. Now Wessel began to suspect that his daughter already lie under the spell of the sorcerer. A trip over the magic bridge was supposed prove her innocence.

Evening came. Unseen, Jolant left the castle, in order to test herself through a secret walk over the Daredevil's Bridge. But an old woman had observed her. All stormed out to save Jolant. The old pastor’s warning fell on deaf ears. With drawn sword, Dietrich, the reedy brother, jumped over the bridge to the outrage of all present.

There lay a castle before Dietrich, behind a giant hedge. It appeared abandoned. It shone in full splendor. In a hall as beautiful as in fairy tales, maybe a thousand young girls danced around a green knight. He looked for Jolant in vain. Unexpectedly he came to a heavy door which was guarded by two enormous boys.

With one blow he struck one to the ground and chased the other off. Then he burst the door open. There lay Jolant in her chaste beauty, sleeping on a lounge chair. Gently he picked her up to carry her out of the magic castle. But the green knight approached him mockingly.

As Dietrich pierced him through after a short, intense battle, black blood welled from the knight’s heart. Bold Dietrich had barely left the eerie place with his valuable cargo, when the castle collapsed. Led by a white dove, Dietrich reached the Daredevil’s Bridge.

Selflessly he wanted to lay Jolant in the arms of his brother. But his brother refused just as gallantly. So a happy bridal procession set off for Vondern.

Jolant became Dietrich’s wife. As the wedding was celebrated with great pomp, Johann put the knight’s garb away and built himself a monastery.

CONDITION: notes AUNC+ to (mostly) AU/UNC, envelope has been trimmed but not unartistically, see photos

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