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ORLAMÜNDE 1921 "White Lady (Ghost)" *rare* black serial!! German Notgeld

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This is just the first note of the series (#1 in the translation below), however with the very rare black serial number instead of red!

A very nice full-color series! I've translated the envelope which has descriptions of each of the other six notes:

1. The Legend of the "White Woman" of Orlamünde

The name of the Countess of Orlamünde, of whom the legend tells, is not known with certainty. One time it's Katharina, another it's Agnes (Kunigunde) of Orlamünde. She was a daughter of the Count of Orlamünde-Lauenstein. She married her cousin, the Count Otto of Orlamünde. The latter soon died and left behind his young and beautiful wife and two children. Not long did she wear the widow's veil. She much preferred to seek a speedy union with Albrecht von Hohenzollern, Burgrave of Nuremberg. Albrecht let it be known that "four eyes stand in the way." In this he was thinking of his parents; but the Countess believed that her two children were meant. Bewitched by wild insanity in her love, she came to that terrible conclusion and murdered her innocent children during the night. The burial of the two small corpses is said to have taken place on the mountain Kemnatenberg in Orlamünde. Still today the site carries the name Kind'l-Brunnen ('little child spring'). Regret followed on the heels of this abominable bloody deed and the long-suffering Countess is to have died in the Himmelsthron monastery. Her soul, however, never found rest. We are told she has often wandered upon the Kemnate mountain in Orlamünde, and every time before a catastrophe approached the house of Hohenzollern, or a death occurred, she is said to have appeared in the Berliner Schloss. In Bayreuth it is said that she appeared in the years 1806-1812 in the old castle to Napoleon and his French generals as a threatening apparition, with the result that Napoleon left the site as quickly as possible and could not be convinced to spend the night there again.

2. Battle of Saalfeld

The Adjutant of Prince Louis Ferdinand, Count Nostiz, later the General Adjutant of Tsar Nicholas of Russia, left behind the following account regarding the appearance of the "White Lady" of Orlamünde, which is also located in the Hohenzollern house archive in Berlin. The "White Lady" had appeared to the Prince in the Rudolstadt castle an the evening before the battle -- The account then continues: "On the next morning the Battle of Saalfeld raged; the Prussian troops were defeated. Suddenly the Prince and Count Nostiz again saw the "White Lady"; she stood on a hill and wrung her hands in wild frustration. The Count spurred his horse on and galloped up the hill, but the phantom suddenly disappeared before his eyes. A troop of soldiers standing nearby had likewise seen the white form and fled away. A few moments later during an attack by the French cavalry the Prince received a fatal wound. Count Nostiz attempted to bring the Prince to safety, but was also wounded and sank unconscious to the ground. Only later did he learn that his general passed away from the deadly wound.

III. Luther and Karlstadt in Orlamünde, 1524

After Karlstadt had for various reasons left his ministry in Wittenberg and himself taken over the parish in Orlamünde that had been subordinate to him, he again resumed his spoken and written sermonizing against Luther. The Orlamünders were thereby raised up against Luther and his teachings and allowed themselves to be misled into some several attacks; they broke into the church, destroyed the images, etc. Because of this Luther appeared on August 24, 1524 in Orlamünde. He had a debate with Karlstadt, during which the Orlamünders stood more on the side of the latter. The agitation is said to have been very great for both parties; Luther was pressed very hard. Also the Devil is to have finally shown himself and thrown a large stone at Luther from the Devil's Pulpit on Kemnate mountain, without, however, being able to harm Luther. Karlstadt was relieved of his ministry and priesthood soon afterward and was exiled. For a long time afterward, Karlstadt still had followers in Orlamünde; but increasingly Orlamünders understood that they, incited by Karlstadt, had done Luther a great wrong at that time.

IV. and V. Kemnate Mountain and Upper Gate are vestiges of the old, formerly very strongly fortified castle and city wall.

VI. Orlamünde has probably the best scenic location in the whole Saale valley. Because of its location, it's also called the Thüringen Bethelem. Summer visitors and hikers enjoy staying here. Orlamünde lies on the railroad line Naumburg-Saalfeld with the branch line Pößneck-Orlamünde.


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