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Greatest Notgeld Series ever! RODA 1921 Dr. Faust series complete set Germany

$ 49.95

This is the set that first got me interested in collecting Notgeld, and it's still my favorite today. It tells the legend of Dr. Faust, the original Historia von Doctor Johann Fausten, not Goethe's Faust which is based on it. The expressionist, pointillist art borders on the psychedelic, which really captures the otherworldly nature of the subject matter. Once Dr. Faust receives his magic abilities from the Devil while standing in a flaming magic circle, he is depicted using those powers to become a powerful sorcerer who can enchant women, fly on a winged horse, and do battle with all kinds of entities. But the Devil ultimately defeats him and claims his soul, the inevitable result of this original "Faustian" bargain with the Devil.


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