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BAD OEYNHAUSEN 1921/22 "Hotel Fürstenhof" hilarious complete set Notgeld Germany

$ 11.95

Laughter is the best medicine! Bad Oeynhausen is a Kurort, or a spa resort town for the infirm to heal, as are most cities in Germany with the word "Bad" in their name ('bath'). So the city (and especially the hotel that issued these notes) was full of ailing individuals. One of the notes proclaims Bad Oeynhausen to be the Paradies der Schieber - which would normally mean "Paradise of the Profiteers," but judging from the picture underneath, this is actually a clever pun. The word for profiteer, Schieber, literally means 'pusher'. So the 'pusher's paradise' here is referring to people 'pushing' others around in wheelchairs!

The fairly boilerplate legalese that adorns most Notgeld notes is turned on its head here, as well. Mock terms and conditions like "whoever cries gets their money back" and "valid only within my four walls" are found on this series.

This complete set includes the rarer 1 Mark note.


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