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ARNSTADT 1921 "Caricatures" 6x10Pf in RARE Robert Ball envelope! anti-semitic German Notgeld

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Often this set is described as being anti-semitic, but there is really only one 10 Pfennig note that invokes anti-semitism. Referring to a "breed" (Brut) of "usurers and profiteers" (Wucherer und Schieber), the note claims that in the past "they would have been put on the gallows," while today they "happily keep on profiteering". The codewords served a dual function of both libeling a racial group and affording the libeler a thin veneer of protection against any accusation that they were doing so, but there really can be no doubt that this particular note was referencing the prevalent anti-semitism that was brewing in post-WWI Germany and which forged the disturbing ideology of National Socialism.

Robert Ball Nachf. in Berlin (the Nachf. stands for Nachfolger which means 'successors') is one of the big numismatic mail-order and auction houses of the 1920s, and they are one of just a few Notgeld dealers from the Notgeld era who actually printed their own envelopes with information about the set contained inside. Some are handwritten, others are typed or mimeographed, and some are even specially printed for the particular note or set that's inside. The envelopes have become quite rare, especially in excellent condition, much rarer than many of the original envelopes that accompanied the sets - to the point that trying to find any particular Robert Ball envelope is usually a lost cause. The company assigned their own catalog numbers to the notes, printed in the upper right-hand corner of each envelope.

CONDITION: notes AU/UNC, envelope is in exceptional condition

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